Friday, March 27, 2009

Tamat Sudah..

It ended pretty well, the exam and the closing ceremony. We had fun clowning around especially my group who were so hyper active even though we were not the best group, maybe because of the chemistry but one thing for sure, when we are in group like that we have to blend in and try not to overshadow anybody ang just be ourselves.

The two week course were attended by all officers from all over the country, therefore in that short period we learned so many things especially the language and their dance...everybody has mixed up their proper Bahasa anymore...some tried to speak Kedah but end up like cakap Siam..and some of them tried to speak like Sabahan but sounds like an actor from Astro Kirana.

'gambar lompat'... banyak kali kena try baru jadi
The crazy side of us....I would have jump higher if not because of my baju kurung

Next week will be more sleeping late and alarm clock at more craziness....need to do revision for another BIG exam...


Anonymous said...

mobb tulis;
sue .. selamat berjaya untuk LAM
haku neh .. entah bila laaa nak belajo LAM tuh .. adeh ... nanti lulus amik gambo lompat lagi ek .. hehe

sue said...

gambar lompat tu wajib...tapi kena banyak kali attempt