Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Precious moment with the kids

We enjoy Monday morning watching our roses blooming while the sky was grey..Sufiya loves the flower and also the camera..each time when I snap her photo, she would asked me,..'tengok..' and insist on taking more photo by saying..'mile, mile..' (which means - smile)

She could make a sentence now..'mama nak ayak', 'Hadif..!! NO!!',..or she would praised me every morning..'cantik, lawa' with her smile...

I loves the effect of lighting from this sheer curtain on her face..might turn it into black and white photo

These was taken last week, every weekend their father will be away, so the three of us will play with the camera.. :-P if we don't watch Little Einstein, or MMouse Club House...

Hadif is eight months now and tengah lasak keliling rumah and his favourite place is behind the TV rack where all the cables are, and he's not afraid of a vaccum cleaner at all compared to Sufiya who will cry upon seeing the black hose :-)

Sufiya's jubah and Hadif's are courtesy from their Mami Zainab...in one photo, Sufiya looks like orang Arab but in the other photo she looks like a Bhutani just like her Dada always calls her..or maybe Manisha Koirala...hehehe


Naz said...

Carbon copy Mama dia ni :)

Anonymous said...

mobb tulis :
sue .. apa kata amik gambo dengan munge tuh
semua pakai baju pink karer
macham ahkak pink ... ha ha

sue said...

Kak Naz,
masa kecik sebijik abah dia..tang hidung tu bagi kredit kat abah la :-0

tak kuasa tau...apa kata kau buat dulu..pakai macam M.Daud Kilau..pink karer jugak..hahahah

Nong said...

What a lovely pair you have there. They remind me of my kids when they were small. I have the 3 of them one year after another...

sue said...

Kak Nong,
thank you..they are the most precious, sampai tak sanggup nak pi outstatioin risau pasal budak2 ni..

having them only one year apart, mula2 memang penat..but now i'm sailing thru..hmm..been dreaming of additional member :-)