Thursday, March 26, 2009

5.30am Post

Its 5.30am now..they are still in the dreamland and here I'm supposed to be reading or doing last minute revision and at the same time pumping for today's suppy of EBM for Hadif...but I could not really doing serius stuff at this moment, distracted by some funny and tergeliat lidah posting at a far away land in Maloy..

Thanx Kak Naz...buat mata i buka luaih-luaih pagi pagi ni...:-P

I have another 3 and half hour for the exam...legaaa

Updated at 12.07noon 27th March 2009

I submit my paper and took photos of my fellow friends...saja kasi psiko sikit , that guy in brown shirt was labeled- perfect melancholy...

Loretta and me...


Naz said...

How was the exam? Hopefully everything is tip top.
About my posting tu,...bukannya apa...sometimes kena kikis juga lidah tu. Takut terlupa lansung! hehe!

Uncle Lee said...

Best of luck Sue.
I'm sure you will exceed everyone's and your expectations.

sue said...

Hi Kak Naz,
it was a smooth one..tapi tak boleh cakap besar coz some question were putar belit and the answer were almost similar..saja depa nak bagi kita konfius

sue said...

Uncle Lee,
thanx a lot..will drop by your place later