Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blog not Block

Life changed and keep on changing does things around us.With www things are just a click away, everything are fast and our vocabulary need to be updated and downloaded and upgraded continuously.

20 years ago life was so easy, we go for vacation with automatic boxy and cheap camera and a roll of Kodak or Fuji, snap here and there and it turn out that some were over exposed, so the holiday photo that could be kept were only 20 instead of 24 pieces. Pictures were meant for special occasion...BUT not with blogsphere and FB and whatever is and camera are human being most essential item, must-have-things-in-handbag..!!

We go for lunch, we wait for the food and snap 3 or 4 photos before the ceremony. We go shopping and we brought not only shopping bag but also numerous shopping photo from One Utama to Sogo..

They are all for the sake of BLOG...but I was so blurrr last night before the bowling tournament for our BLOCK...see...they sound similar to my ears..

I met a blogger at Alamanda and they just finished a game there,while talking to her she asked me 'akak ada blog?'..and my brain that moved at slow pace last night send a different message to my mouth and I thought that she was referring to my house Block..dush dush!!

Sorry Miss DianaK, if I make you confused..anyway nice meeting you.

And talking about bowling, my dear husband has won the grand prize..d'engan jatuhan pin 460 lebih-lebih, johan tahun ini dengan tidak disangka, jatuh kepada En.Haffis'..nasib baik i tak jalan kaki balik rumah..kalau tak i sure miss that precious moment.. :-)

Johan bowling BLOCK..not BLOG..heheh


Queen Of The House said...

Menang apa?

Sue, must remember there is a big difference between GO BLOG! and GOBLOK!!

Naz said...

Yes, apa dalam itu bungkusan putih? (yes, I am being super kaypoh right now!)
Adakah ia:
a.kertas A4 80g
b.tuala muka
c.sebungkus kuih peneram
d.frozen cod
e.lampin pakai buang untuk anak2

jangan marah sue, Kak Naz saja mengusik!:D

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, congrats to your hubby. Outstanding! He got his dream at last.
Bet he'll be dreaming about it for weeks, ha ha.

You keep well, best regards, Lee.

zeti said...

kak sue, do u have a FB acc? do add me pls!


sue said...

that's a good one..:-P

hadiahnya dah expected tak grand coz tournament tak rasmi..suka2 untuk persatuan peduduk je..belanja berhemah..tola mandi

sue said...

Kak Naz,
takpa..mai buka sama-sama..

oh..tuala mandi warna hijau tapi so soft and good quality, i chop dulu towel tu :-P

sue said...

Uncle Lee,
this is one of the sport that he loves and ehemm...normally he did not come home empty handed..that's why i love him ...hahah


i've been trying to leave a comment on your blog but it seems there's a problem..many times :-)

sue said...

ok..where are you now..? down under?

Anonymous said...

mobb tulis :
sue .. tak aci hang tak main .. tapi chop tuala tu dulu :-)
lamanya tak main boling ... boling,blog,goblok,glocal,block ah bijaN buat den fening ! hahah