Thursday, December 13, 2007

Made in China

Just came back from a product brief, it was suppposed to be a product proposal, but seems they failed to produce any certification from relevant authority..we gave them a red flag..KIV...come back later when you have enough support document..!

Most of the product in the market now are design and made in China, and most of them are not up to the standard and requirement...yess..they are cheap, they have glossy catalogue, some even have various design...but when it comes to quality, we would doubt it..

China is booming, many giant companies are looking forward to invest there, due to labour quantity and cost, which is cheaper..but sadly to say, it comes with low quality...maybe they are some that is acceptable...I'm not being bias here, but based on experience,...I've encountered many time it was the floor tiles..the colour fade just after one time cleaning using a machine, and sanitary fittings that doesn't work after two years..
We as a consumer need to be more cautious when it comes to electrical appliances..don't need to go for the cheap one just to save the buck, some of this product are really new in the market (local) and has not been tested and endorsed by relevant board in Malaysia, and we don't even know whether they have done a thorough research on that product or not..maybe they did, but for how long..?

So, be wise and selective..even on local product, read the label..get the information........but in this case if the other party go the 'higher level' to get a support to used this product...I can't do anything..but if anything wrong after two years warranty, we'll be blame....and it's duit rakyat...this is Malaysia afterall....its Bolehland..anything Boleh..I don't know...


simah said...

dear sue..
lama tak datang sini... maaf yea?

by the way..howz sharmi? many i had missed... will come back tor eread them again...if the time permits me...

sebelum terlewat kami disini ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidiladha.. maaf zahir dan batin :0)

sue said...

i thought that u gonna take a break..

he's still the same, dok buat dialisis every few days, raya kedua ni, ada majlis, adik dia akad nikah

selamat hari raya aidiladha to you too..and take care