Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Update

It was a perfect bright and sunny Sunday morning to lie down at the white sandy beach...a good day to just not doing anything except enjoying the waves, feel the breeze while having home cook nasi lemak...and followed with rojak...

the sand were too hard for her tender feet...

not a rescue mission..but a water confident session

That was a much needed break since...maybe last year..nothing is more rewarding than touching the water and left your footprint before it wash away by the waves........definitely there'll be next time...when Sufiya is brave enough to enjoy it..


demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Looks like things are brigthening up for you and I'm glad that it is so.

Another gift from my latest entry, but, this time it comes with a wish - that some one could give it a good tune and make it a good song so it could be sang as a gift to all the love ones of the people who want to make it as a gift.


I opened my eyes this morning,
I felt how fast my heart keep beating,
I know that the lights are not lying,
When it shine on your face my darling...

I hope there'll no ending,
to this beautiful sight I'm seeing,
coz I fear the yearning that is coming,
when I hear what the strings are playing...

Darling can you hear me wondering,
wheather my life has any meaning,
if open my eyes this morning,
and see that only the pillows I'm hugging...

And darling can you see me crying,
in my prayers for every evening,
hope the god forgive my sinning,
and let me wake beside you again my darling..

Coz I hate to wait for that morning,
and realise its you I'm missing,
as it would make my life have no meaning,
when you are not there to share my feelings.

sue said...

Thanks again for this lovely poem..i love to wake up every morning and to be greeted with a big smile..