Friday, November 23, 2007

..."Look for the sign..."

They said .."look for the sign..", but sometimes we tend to ignore that clear evidence or didn't expect it to be that way...the sign were just the same...maybe when we are too busy with other things in life, the most visible thing in front of our eyes will look differently....

As expected, the burden is totally different plus existing one to cope up with...and that is the main reason why I choosed to hibernate for a while but still hopping to certain blog..



simah said...


is it another sickness in the family..?? u sound down..

whatever it is... u take care ok? pls do update once in a say ur ok..

take care dear friend! *hugs*...

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Be sad with the trials of life, it is a sign of love from the Almighty.

A gift from my latest entry -



if you keep pacing the mile,
this world will show its wild,
where one's thirst be quenched only by bile,
sieve from the Pharaohs' Nile,
and only tears be the pillars of a smile,
a smile paved by guile.

But Child,

if you stop and sit for a while,
and takes breaths that ever so mild,
you would see trough all of the lies,
that hid the colors of a butterfly,
freeing the world's inner cry,
a cry that bring tears to Gabriel's eye.

And Child,

listen ever so carefully to that cry,
listen to the loudness that has never shy,
listen as it comes from a heart that you could not buy,
listen so that you would know why,
listen so that your tears would dry,
listen so that you know the bed where the world lie.

And find the loudness of silence in you and I.

Have a good and blessed life melady.

sue said...

thank u for ur concern..i'm fine..just need some time to balance up my life..