Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FRIM Canopy Walkway

A little adventure in FRIM, Kepong Being with nature is one of the best therapy. It's the environment that affect our sensory, trigger our emotion, build our stamina and character. And FRIM, Kepong is one of the best place so far as it is safe for kids. We tried the canopy walkway when the trek leading to the check point was still free to enter without any guide. It was about 30 minutes hike from the trail head, considered as easy trek but the trek is not bad, many types of trees and shrubs along the way, clear path but can be slippery after the rain.
This was taken along the trek and at the starting point.
Gambar ni before pokok tumbang dan terkena canopy walkway ni..lepas pokok tumbang, walkway ni tutup for few its open but u need to hire guide. Will definitely come again. Cheers -Sue-

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Wow bestnya 💟👍👍