Monday, August 13, 2007


She was crying and crying...and I think I've done everything to sooth her..but it doesn't work..finally I switch the channel to Astro Ceria..and she magically stop and smiling..this channel has became a-must-watch in this house..I bet most of us only knew or introduced to all this entertainment not at this tender age...and that was black and white.

I remember the first time watching tv back in the early 80's all black and was Jaws..intai-intai at one of our neighbour's house.

When we could afford to have one, most of the programme were RTM standard..but that was good enough for kids at that time..Wazata Zain..Cumi and Chiki..are now replaced by stylo host like more rigid environment..everything are so cheerful, colourful and bright..and the kids of coz are much more open and more shy little girl..

I think kids now are more expose..celik mata..they have everything....Animax..(I do watch this one :-) Ninja Boy..,Bob The Builder, Power Puff Girl..and my fav Kampung is essential to have this kind of cartoon that featured local scene especially for those who never experience kampung life..and yes..Segah di Nusantara is also a good one..I do learn new things from it....

And when it comes to music....I think most of them knows Indonesian singer better than my friend's kids loves Irwansyah too much and they won't sit still in the car unless the mother play on the song - Pencinta Wanita..they were below 5..and they love the song as if they understand it..

One day at a food stall, the owner's son keep on singing that same song, but he forgot the we kept hearing this line.."aku memang.., aku memang.."we know it was that song from it's tune, its kinda cute, but after 10 minutes it sounds like tape rosak.....hmmm..i wonder what my own little girl would love ( I noticed she give attention to Sa re ga ma pa - Zee TV...)


Tunku Halim said...

I must say that there's much stuff for kids on TV nowadays. It's very hard to pick what to watch. But if we don't they'll spend the whole day in front of the thing!

sue said...

tunku halim,
thank u for visiting this humble place of mine..

i agree wit u, we are spoiled by choice

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Thank you.

It is a long winding journey for each and everyone of us. Play the role we do, enjoy the play we will and make decison we must.

But can we afford the price for the ticket is the question we should ask.

If its no trouble, please show me the part where it confuses you, so that an amendment i could make.

simah said...

eh sue... tu channel bahasa india ker yg dia suka tu? kalau iyea... ok la tu... multi lingual la anak u ni :0)

just look at it this way.... kalau dia suka tengok tv..senang la sikit nak feed dia makan... kalau tidak menang nak kena cari creativity nak entertain dia masa makan.... aaaaa bukak mulutttttttttt... hammmmmmmm telannn :0)

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Forgive me to have dared to ask of this -

would you grace me with a visit to my humble place, and honor me with your thoughts.

Share with all if there are wisdom to gain.

Blame me if its a nonsense trouble to start, and treat me as if I am a sour tart.

Again, forgive me for the leisure that I asked you to part.

Because I am a man who is certainly not smart.

Thank You.

sue said...


if we can't get the ticket, why don't we just hop in..rules are meant to be broken..

pls don't mind my confusion..not a big trouble anyway :-)

sue said...

hindi channel tu..tamil pun sama..hopefully she could be multi lingual.

but sometimes it's not that easy nak feed her, coz she won't sit still..