Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Otak lembap...lembab.?

Things has change ...and I think that I've change too since working here in a different environment..different more datelines and rushing from one place to client who keep asking for drawing and keep on changing the idea...coz I'm on the client's side now..I work on day to day basis..even though roughly we have monthly schedule..but that always change......

No more adrenaline 0.4 artline pen are still inside the case..nothing to draw anymore...I admit that I miss being the one who present an idea..being critised...I don't mind, after all those are part and parcel of the job....

One thing that is progressing is my food, think about food all the time.

And I hardly read nowadays, only online news and Economist magazine in the office...maybe I should start collecting books like last time, at least one book per month..rasa macam otak lembab..or lembap?...


demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Though this is unrelated to what you wrote, I gift it to you as a gift with a wish, present it to your spouse, significant others, children, brothers and/or sisters. Let them know that you love them much. Their smiles are my reward and prayers for my loved ones.

This place of yours is a mecca for good souls, and this pilgrim is blessed to have encountered it.

Thank you, and forgive me for the trouble.



worry not when it rains,
close your eyes and let go your pains,
and let all tears be slain,
happiness is yours to gain,
brought down by the my midnight saint,
helping this hands that have long been waned,
tugging away your nightmares chains.


hate you not the chilling winds,
let free yourself and feel it caress your chin,
put away all the ale and the gin,
welcome it with a great wide grin,
let not your mind dance in a spin,
for the winds come with a hint,
that haven is colored with my love as the paint.

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Just in the mood of giving, really need a new hobby …

The day I dread the most,
is the day my sight is lost,
in which cometh all ghost,
hiding me the sight of you my rose…

The day I wish to flight,
is the day I lost my might,
in which could no longer fight,
the demons that cause you fright…

The day I hope will not come,
is the day when I lost these arms,
sadden be all me charms,
when I could hold you no more in my arms…

The day I pray is never,
is the mid of a long winter,
in which all the seeds of all the flower be made somber,
hindering my sacrifice for you my lover.

I bid you, owner of this space a prosperous day and a blessed life.

mobbeire said...

salam sue ...
hafiz apa khabar ? baby dah gemouk ke ? masuk pejabat mana pulak ni ?
lama tak masuk blog ni. banyak perkara berubah yek ...
semoga sue, hafiz dan baby sentiasa gembira dan ceriaaaaaaaaaaa ...


sue said...

master demon..
both are related to me....and i shall grant u the honour and many thanx..

need a hideout..and i buried myself in a sand..only later that i realised that it'll be wash away by waves..

i'm now back on the ground,
feet strong..

thank goodness

sue said...

kami semua tak gemok..tapi aktif

dah byk changes ni..
aku dah tak keja dgn consultant, la ni dah jadi org gomen..aku pun tak sangka, whatever it is, i believe there are well planned by Him..opis pun depan rumah, 15min dah sampai so no komplen

salam pd didi, and u too stay happy semoga dimurah rezeki

anggerik merah said...

Dear Sue,

I have not visited you for so long. First let me congratulate you your precious bundle of joy Sofiya. She is so lovely and cute little girls. I went through your previous entry just to know when she was born. I realised that time I had to struggle a lot with my family. I missed to follow thru your Sofiya came to this world.

You take care!

simah said...

maybe sebab reading is no longer ur main focus priority kot? i am sure ur otak is still active mcm selalu..only suffiya is the centre of everything now... nak buat benda lain mcm..alahai... malasnyaaaaa :0)

sue said...

Thank u, she's six months now..
i do visit ur place, cuma tak leave any comment.
hope u have a great time with lil man.

and u take care too dear..

itula pasal..too much thinking (plus unnecessary things)..too many things to achieved..oo simah i've not met my target..need to double up my effort