Monday, November 10, 2008


Our eyes and mind could play trick on us..sometimes we see what we want to see or what we perceived..

I thought that she threw her favourite orange..with no glasses, my eyes makes me see something else

It is actually her orange ballon from 'Family Day'

When I look at the table, her orange is still in the house..

I need a new glasses and she need to stop throwing things..


A Mother said...

Yes....this happens with age. Rabunness or nyanyuk/ness.

sue said...

kena tengok cermin kan..check allthe wrinkles

simah said...

hahahahaha that sounds familiar!!

oit! old before ur time?ops.. rabun u mean? just watch ur spec later...jgn dia baling ur specs udah nanti..

yes.. that stage.. the naughty stage... good luck!!

how r u? sori la lama tak datang sini.. memang tak sempat with all the hectic schedule...

mesti dah besar ur kids yea? take care yea.. n keep in touch!

sue said...

bahaya ni kan..i ni rabun jauh, spec tu pun nak kena tukar i have to learn to understand her..and her jealousy, pantang dapat peluang nak ketuk kepala adik ;-)

hope Hatice is getting better