Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family Day : Genting View Resort 08

We left Putrajaya at almost 11am due to half and hour waiting for some people who woke up late and still lalala to the conggregation point. The journey took only one hour and we stop by at R&R Genting Sepah for quick lunch at McDonald..

Our schedule was pack with activities, therefore the kids also need to catch up with the list..

Sufiya comforting Hadif while I prepared their outfit,she's a big sister now, trying to do everything on her own.

Who could resist playing with water...

Coloring and drawing contest, but she was not qualified to entered any of the contest, but being a kid, she definitely wants to join the she was lying on the floor sketching something..:-) The boy next to her was in other category, I noticed that he drew using a pencil and a ruler..I think he will be an engineer one day, coz architect sketch without using a ruler as a guide unless it is a construction drawing, I right En always draw your mechanical stuff with a ruler :-D

Dinner (Theme : Red, Black & White)

The kids wore red and white..Some family were all red from top to nice, but I spotted green as well :-D

We were entertained by our office talent..Karaoke Competition, they were good singing, it was not like a Karaoke but more like singing competition coz most of them h ave a great voice and our Big Boss shows his skill by singing Main Syair To Nahin- from Bobby....syabas..

This song and overall event during that nite made somebody had a wild imagination of perfoming duet next year..Hindi song pulak tu...hahaha..I know you got the skill of dancing in public.. ;-D

Second Day : Sukaneka

We started our day early with breakfast, being typical Malaysian, we had nasi lemak for breakfast and Miss Fussy Eater just ate her corn bun.

Little girl admiring the bubbles..I like this photo's background..

Cathing bubbles..she had great fun and we had memorable time as a family too

Tarik tali: daddy's little girl..tak nak berenggang with her abah. We were in Orange Team, so the I arranged the whole family to wear the same colour for every occasion, orange for the Sukaneka, red for dinner, light blue for first day activity and last day was theme at all

"Pemenang tempat ketiga 'Lari dalam guni' jatuh kepada En Haffis suami kepada Puan Suhaila"...Bravo..!! Sufiya was crying all the way while her abah running a gunny sack and people were looking at her during the macth coz she just wants to be with her abah..

Hadif posing for the camera..on the way back to Putrajaya..he's a big boy now

We came home safely and with refreshed mind and both of us are looking forward for the next year's Family Day..I thought that I was the only one who had that dream..

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