Saturday, November 15, 2008

Growing up

If we have a choice, most of us would rather stay at home and take care of our own child, to be able to feed our child with our own hand, to bath them and to hug and kiss them all the time. But not many of us have the ability and freedom to choosed not to work due to many factors like financial (mostly), social interaction and the list goes on. Working means leaving the kids on their own even though we sent them to babysitter's house or nursery or mom's house. The care and love given by other people to our child could never be the same like mother's own love and protection.

We fetch the kids at almost 6pm everyday and normally there are only few kids and babies left waiting for their parents, but on that particular day there were about four parents talking and one lady was crying while holding her son who is same age with my daughter. At first it wasn't clear what they were talking or discussing but as soon as I reached the landing, I heard her saying..' ni bukan kali pertama, dah banyak kali Zahid kena gigit..!!' that point I realised they were not just talking but looking at that poor child who has been biten on his cheek...not one but two..and his skin is so fair and that bite mark look fresh.....that lady was still crying and demanding to see the supervisor...I understand how she feel..

Tired at the office and when you fetch your child from people that you trust, your child is not in good condition. It must be hard for her seeing her precious child with bite mark all the time.

Sufiya used to get those marks too on her hand..we did informed the supervisor but we didn't know which one of those active and naive kids did it.

In this kind of incident, should we blame the nursery, the kid or the parents for not teaching their child to behave well, but what can we expect from a child who don't understand which is right and wrong.

I was talking to one of Hadif's group 'Cikgu' and she told me that they always get complaint from other parents that their child too has been biten and when they investigate it turn out that there is only one kid who is the culprit and this boy just joined in last few months. Previously he was taken care by his Bibik....and to my surprise, that little boy has been brought up in a harsh way by this we can imagine how a child at that age will react when they mix around with other kids. Luckily her mother got the hunch to put on kinda 'nanny cam' in their house, that was when she knew the truth of her child's harsh behaviour....

Its terribly wrong to raised up and expose a child with those negative elements, no wonder he can't behave himself..and he's making other people's life miserale without knowing it...I feel sorry for Zahid and of coz for this little boy wasn't entirely his fault..

I knew Zahid for almost a year now and he is a soft boy..compared to his peer..that means easy to be bullied...his mother must be worried all day at the office..

I was told that if that boy still continue with his biting act, he'll be kick out by end of this month...!!

Where would he go, how will he try to mix around with a new group of people, will he be better..??..maybe his mother is worrying about these too

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