Monday, November 12, 2012

New life

Oh what a life..i feels like a pizza in a small pan with too many toppings..not sure whether its good or bad :) Its almost three months now driving to KL four days a week for my class, its a dream come true pursuing this master but there is nothing in this world that come easy like a snow ball.
Sufiya and Hadif during registration day..and their new talkative friend.. The reality of matured student is totally different from undergrad years where time spent only on studying-eating-sleeping..and that was it...but now since we are living apart, the list of task of works comes in a broad range, it could be categorised as Kids-House-Kids School-My Study-Kids Meal...etc..and the new house. It feels like 24/7 is never enough, but of coz I can't blame it on anybody, this is the choice that want, or a path that I choose, so I have to tackle it or fix it. As for the new house, we so excited about the progress, it's not DIY except for the painting part of the feature wall :)... It was not an easy task for us, we took a very long time deciding the colour, the layout of the ceiling, the choice of kitchen hood and hob...there are times that I wish that I'm not in the business, so that I could just pass it all to the contractor..
Even to choose an outdoor or porch hanging lamp is really hard..:)

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