Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Initial Idea for ID

It was not that easy when you are in the business of design and architecture, you have so many ideas but so little budget. There are so many inspiration from the internet, books and amgazine or from previous project. But it all come down to one important aspect - We started off with throwing some ideas, we did not renovate since there is no more space to extend. We decided the scope of work and then find inspiration or concept.
And it started from 'resort' to 'modern'...and at one time i thought of having an 'Arabic 1001 night' concept...but now I have to think of something that looks contemporary but could blend with our existing furniture.
we went to Ikea for looking for some ideas for the kids bedroom, obviously they already knew what colour that they want for their bedroom :)
some ideas for kitchen cabinet design from Ikea and supplier..its hard to choose to colour but not the finishes since we already knew our budget. So we choose concrete top for durability and finish it with 2' x 2' tiles. Other options are solid surface and melamine but some supplier will give a different name like Maica or Miko top but actually the material is the same.

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