Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quest for Lighting

This is an interesting part of moving into a new house - the shopping part, it could be daunting, overwhelming, personal...but the most important is what we want, what is our concept, what is our budget.. We have doing online browsing, but at the end of the day its better when we go and have a look of the real thing.
we went to Houses Lightings in Puchong, there are many choice at an affordable prices, but if you don't find the one that you desire, its better to wait until the new stock delivered.
..and this is from One Stop in Bangi at Jalan Reko, there are interesting looking hanging light and chandelier..but too expensive.
..these are from Houses Lightings, one month after our first visit. The important thing to consider is location of the lights, size, colours of the light either cool white or warm white, material and the length of the cable. We bought extra for the staircase hanging light due to high ceiling.

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