Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mini celebration

07-02-2012 Tasty Tuesday

I am trying to make everyday that pass by is just like a normal day ..just the same way when their abah is around. Even a small event for a big day.

Sufiya has been reminding me of her birthday since last month, she want to have a calender so that she can cross every single day until her big day. In order to make her happy despite abah is not around, we managed to had a small birthday.

It was supposed to be all handmade birthday..but since I'm not good in baking was only handmade deco..made with passion and anticipation from the three of them.

We made bunting out of recycled paper from my office..I wrote all the letters and let them coloured and decorated the bunting.
Lil pumpkin was happy with the preparation..she was aiming at that new coloured pencils since our art day out last weekend.. :-))

She was happy and won't eat her breakfast on that day except for her birthday cake.

At around 4pm with one small cheese and chocolate cake, multi coloured donuts and few desserts we celebrated her birthday..sans abah....

I hope that it was a meaningful day for her even though it was just a simple celebration.

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