Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sunny Saturday

We have not been able to spent time like before since we moved to this house and since their abah is working in Kedah. Its a perfect sunny Saturday morning I decided to bring them out rather than just camping inside the house.

Sometimes its hard to handle three kids alone at one time but I don't have a choice, I always need to think and to prioritized..wether to clean the house and arrange everything according to colour and sizes or to spent time teaching them with reading and writing..I choosed to spent my precious time with them.

Brought them to a playground at Alamanda and met a lady who have been through a rough time..alone with four kids while he husband in Sarawak and she was in KL, and then she was transfered and still could not live was s brief chat..less than five minutes but very meaningful..she gave me a warm pat..and asked me to be strong..InsyaAllah..I think I will survive..

Treat them with colouring books and new Swan colour pencils..
Lil pumpkin was sleeping while big sis and brother busy looking for their books, he wants Ben 10 set of colouring book and sticker and the price is not cheap..knowing him, I refused to buy because that book wont last even for one week.

She took something with Barbie but as a Queen..I didn't agree with her idea.. :-))

Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence for me..have not been reading since working at new office..

They were happy with their books and we left for some outdoor activities..

They colour and enjoy the slide in between...if there is a waterfall nearby I will surely go there..I hate the thought that they could only play indoor due to my lack of time and their abah is not around....

..Hope this will be a good start...

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