Monday, December 11, 2006

A month of celebration

December as usual is a busy month for me, when we were small this is time that we spend in Langkawi..kutip siput, in university it was the beginning of new semester..and last three years I was busy preparing myself for the big day..Each year December is a month of celebration, our anniversary which is just around the corner, followed by hubby's birthday just before this coming AildilAdha...

While busy with the arrival of little angel, we, on hubby's side are also preparing for the new addition..another menantu in the family all the way from Alor Gajah.
The enggangement will be on this Sunday, and here I'm with the deco for the hantaran boxes, the colour scheme is gold with mixed of cream. I'm gonna prepare the sirih (no more sirih junjung) and fruit's basket, but the fruits will be brought from Penang- Road Walk to be precise since MIL wants them big and fresh.

I'm excited to attend these ceremony where I'll have a chance to 'suap gula' to the 'ponu'- the bride after the exchange of enggagement ring. Normally the bridegroom side will bring sugar in decorated bowl but only female relatives are allowed to feed the bride..I don't know what is the significant but just follow the tradition.

Happy Holiday to everybody!!


simah said...

happy anniversary!! happy birthday!! happy labour..

caya la sue boleh gubah gubah..
i once pon pernah attended majlis bertunang an indian muslim familypunya engagement.. saw the *suap gula* culture*..kesian betul the to be bride kena makan gula..mesti lepas tu dia punya sugar level high gila..abis tu kalau the girl ada diabetes ka..kena suap jugak ka sue?

one thing i remember la kan..masa the girl pakai baju sari..etc..etc.. semua relative dia pakaikan cincin diaorang atas the girl's fingers..biar penuh semua jari..banyakkkkkk gilaaa cincin.. tu memang culture diaorang ka sue?

sue said...

thank you so much..tak sabar dah ni

ala bukan pandai pun, gubah sirih ikut majalah je. i dulu pun disuap gula juga,nasib baik tea spoon, kalau diabetes tak sure pulak, tapi depa ni memang suka manis2

bling bling mesti ada, lagi banyak lagi bagus, jangan nampak kosong tangan

Anonymous said...

Alor gajah tu dekat ngan my kampung...padang sebang to be exact!


sue said...

rumah bakal biras ni tak jauh dari tol alor gajah, dekat balai polis

thewailer said...

when I get engaged, I wanna do it in the very best of tradition except the ring hehehe

sue said...

Ooo..pls do inform me of that special day. why no ring?.. dah jemu tengok hari2 eh?