Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bob the builder or Barbie ?

Should I be excited or just calm down and take a deep breath and just prepare myself, it's gonna be 1 month from now..I'm almost 36weeks now with strecth mark started to apprear and it was shocking for the first looks like a cracked and dry paddy field in Kuala Sala.

Almost everything for the newborn has been prepared..mostly in nuetral colour since we don't have a clue whether this baby is a pink or blue tag baby... :-)

Lately we've been communicating a lot thru kicking and moving around..and even sometimes there's sound 'tick' whenever the baby it normal ? Insyallah, as long as the baby is healthy and moving and kicking and whatever she wants..that should be fine..

p/s I should thank this lovely person with a warm smile all the way from faraway land of Istanbul for the Cotonel Baby stuff..thanx Simah

No more talking to the wall today, hubby is coming back from Kuantan, MIL and family will be arriving from Penang at 3pm and tomorrow there'll be another 3 family coming..there'll be 25 people in this house and I don't have an excuse that I haven't been socializing enough now...fuhhh..25 people, hopefully I could be hospitable enough...the best thing is I don't have to cook but just request...from my MIL...I think the baby wants to eat Nasi Tomato and udang masak merah..should be in the list :-)


simah said...

25 orang?? banyaknya tu.. tapi being heavily pregnant as u r.. i am sure u will be the most pampered one.. i can imagine voices like..*eh sue tak yah buat sue..duduk.. jangan penatkan badan..awak tu berisi*.. mesti best yea? :0)

i pray the labour will be a breeze for u..
the one i sent is nothing..benda kecik ja :0)

sue said...

ramai tapi tak penat sgt, like u said, i boleh duduk2 je..but 've started having difficulty sleeping lately..itu yg lagi penat

thanx for the prayer, kecik besar tak penting, its the thought that count..thanx again