Monday, December 22, 2008

Bollywood Weekend :Om Shanti Om

I don't know what happen, maybe because all those anniversary thingy or just in the mood for more and more Bollywood stuff.. so sorry for those who got over dose of Bollywood from reading this blog, at least I tak go to the extend mcm yg Melaka buat okay..! :-) We were at my friend's wedding, the moment the bride and groom entered the hall, they played this song and we look and smile at each other..At that moment I felt like I fall in love once again, we both were captivated by the melody and for a second we forgot about the newlywed...It was the first time we heard that song and immediately like it and since then we keep on searching for the movie title. The moment we knew get Om Shanti Om's dvd and download that particular song..I think we have overplayed that song over and over again.. And for the last two days I watched that movie again with my sister and last night watch it again ..two night in a row..and never get bored :-)

and while writing this entry...i'm listening to Ajab Si
Aankhon mein teri ....'In your eyes, there is a magical story..'

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