Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missing her abah

Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahee hoon

She's so closed to her abah..the moment she was born, the first sight was her abah's face with her Universal studio's t-shirt..when we fetch her everyday at nursery..she'll run to her abah..

But last night she miss him so much and refused to sleep, she's clever now..she kept on calling abah, abah...naknak abah...abah..

I tried to calm her but it did not work..she lie down on her mattress, face down..and crying...at that point, I just wish that he could fly from KK to Putrajaya..and sleep next to his baby

I tried my best by showing her abah's video on my phone..she smile and slowly climbing up her bed..at last after half and hour searching for him, she finally closed her eyes..

At 3am she woke up as usual for her milk..and realised once again that her abah is not around...there goes again the drama...another cycle..and I woke up at 6.30am getting ready or work with heavy eye and sleepy mode..

Father and daughter in Genting

Abah will come home tomorrow..she just can't wait....and me too


aishah said...


I'm Aishah from Aloq Staq, i love to read anything about your blog. Rasa macam terkenang-kenang peristiwa masa kecik-kecik. Actually both of my sons pun tak boleh tidoq malam bila "baba" depa tak dak...........so bila i baca your blog, nampaknya ada genglah.......ok take care Sue

sue said...

salam Aishah,
oo...mcm tu ka..mai la selalu, where are u now/

budak2 ni memang kan bonding tu kuat, sampai susah nak tidur, smlm dah boleh tidur abahdah balikk..

aishah said...

Actually i memang mai selalu pun jengok blog u tp tak pernah komen. i suka blog u sebab my life since my childhood sama ja dengan u. dulu rumah tok i pun dekat rumah mak u, kat masjid sg korok, jalan pegawai. anything just email at ladyamir_aishah@yahoo.com

sue said...

seronok kan childhood life even though we just live in a small place like alor star..
will email u later

aishah said...

thanks su,

can't wait for your email cause you will get suprised.......seems like i know you for years

sue said...

check your email..:-)