Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coretan Aidiladha 2008

People said that when we got married, two hearts become one, two families united..and with that comes so many changes whether we like it or not. The changes are varies according or depending on many factors like culture and believes, location etc ..Lets see these fact:

Baju raya:
We go for raya shopping for ourself,parents and siblings..but now..the first priority is of coz for those two kids and hubby..

Pagi raya:
I used to go for sembahyang sunat hari raya at our small madrasah on that peaceful morning..but now..Busy preparing the kids with their baju kurung..and sibuk cari butang baju Melayu for En Haffis..

For 28 years..ok minus 3-4 years..I ate ketupat and rendang di pagi hari raya...but now I eat IDIAPUM...putu mayam la tu..dengan kari ayam/ me fanatic or obsess with my ketupat pulut, I don't care but it's the sentimental value that matters...Qayyum or Faroqi, I know you gonna read this..but don't get me wrong okay, Mami Sue still makan dua pinggan tau..

Kalau dulu on my side, we always visit our closed relatives that lives nearby and the menu are typical to our tradition or norm: laksa, bihun sup, bihun goreng, mee goreng...but now di Penang ni..we were served with heavy meal like nasi tomato (my fav) or nasi beriani with chicken curry, korma, ayam masak merah..

Melaram baju raya:
Kalau dulu boleh dress up lawa-lawa with shiffon and make-up that last for 8 hours..but now..baju kurung benang hitam terkoyak di pagi hari raya masa dukung anak :-O ... salah baju? salah tailor ? salah anak ? salah sendiri ?

Andddd..kalau dulu hari raya, sibuk ambik gambaq family saja...but now since everybody dah jadi 'blogger'..everything , anything are important subject for blog entry :-) sat-sat ambik gambaq....gambaq ketupat, gambaq rendang, gambaq kasut baju raya..semuanya buat modal..

Our celebration this year was a simple one,no new cloth for the kids, they just wore Aidil fitri's attire..we just stay at home waiting for people to visit us especially our niece who has been discharged from GH,..and she's doing fine at the least she's with us during that happy day..

Typical scene on pagi raya ..eating idiapum and chicken curry..little girl at the back missing her mom who is in Mekah now

Sufiya and the gang in Penang..

Eating and playing badminton in the afternoon of Aidiladha..?

Gatal-gatal tangan with mehendi..but then I regret because this tube is not like the one that we always bought..too much artificial colouring..looks like Miami ink ;-(

Big boy with his aunties

My uncle's inlaws from Permatang Pauh..chatting at the back of the house

We were in Kuala Sala at my Tok's house on the second day, my uncle host a kenduri akikah and korban. Seekor lembu tumbang and there was 'berendoi' session for one sweet little niece ..

The culture of 'berendoi' has been forgotten and only perform in certain area. This is the moment when the newborn were placed in their fully decorated swing and a group of women who specialised on this 'berendoi' will start singing's kind of nasyid and it last for about 30 minutes.

Berendoi session lead by our neighbour in yellow dress

My favourite view when we were in Kuala Sala..view towards the sea..

All the girls and women with one little bot sitting on timber staircase

Sufiya and the gang in Aloq Staq..

Jelapang padi menghijau..on the way to Aloq Staq..

On the way back to Putrajaya..north-south highway..some unfortunate lot..


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, how are you?
I love your this posting and the well taken, beautiful photos. Very nice.
And read your 'Permatang Pauh', I was last there in the early 80's.
Love the atmosphere of your pictures...
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

You keep well Sue, and best regards, Lee.boloye

sue said...

hello Uncle usual, tired from visitng many places..

it's true, we need to cherish our love..even a small things could make a big different