Sunday, December 28, 2008

Redmummy Potluck Gathering

gambar ramai2 (from

Yesterday was an outing or girl's day out for Sufiya and me..we both spend time together without her abah at Taman Putra Perdana infront of Shangrila Hotel attending a Potluck Gathering hosted by Redmummy and organized by her well commited committee who went all out preparing stuff for yesterday's event.

It was held at an open area on hilly side on sunny Saturday evening..a perfect gateway for family, and to tell the thruth that was the first time I went there, I passess by this area every morning to work :-)

The host - Kak Red was warm and welcome just like what we read from her blog and so does her family..I noticed her favourite smokey eye makeup.. :-), I like smokey eye too..

There were games for kids and parents as well, and lucky draw..we won a lucky draw for Sufiya..but she was too shy yesterday to greet everybody like she used to, and only talk and play with other guest by the time we were leaving.

Sufiya with Abg Zaidi's cute and chubby daughter..

The crowd came in RED but I did not have a proper one to suit the theme..but at least my daughter and her balloon were red :-)

wearing a badge..adik di9

goodie bag from blogger lilred

my daughter loves kuih bangkit..from Sham Bangkit

Guest came with variety of food but I did not try all of them..the strawberry dadih was so nice and I love the curry puff with sardine filling..i just bought marble cake and chocolate marshmallow from Cold Storage

I wish that I had more time to minggle around but since Sufiya stayed glued on my lap all the time I could only sit and chat..should have take more photos as well


oRanGeLiLY said...

hi kak sue... aan niiiii
curry puff sardine filling buatan tanganku...hiksssss, jangan mara aaaaa

sue said...

oo ni chef dia ...pandainya kak sue tak pandai buat pastry2 ni...ok la tu dah training kan :-)

boleh email photo kita tiga hari tu

oRanGeLiLY said...

bulih2. nanti kite korek kat file. hiks

sue said...

thanx..apasal gambar kami dua je..malu rupanya minah ni :-)