Friday, July 20, 2007

New Things.......

This blog has been abandoned for quite sometime...too many things in my home and work, but can't complaint, coz that's life....

Thought of writting many things for the last few weeks...but everytime I turn on the notebook, Sufiya will be so excited looking at the mouse..she will try to grab it, punch the keyboard..she's observing her surrounding now..even the tv remote controller's batteries need to be taken out..coz she keep pressing channel 6- VANNAVIL....maybe she likes the colour or maybe she remember the language... :-)..

As for myself, I'm still learning new things every single day and everywhere, be it at home with family, office and my new swimming the water but just have the urge to start taking a class after permission been granted by the BIG BOSS..thanxx so much...

It was fun having a girls night out, splashing from 8-10pm...the water is only 0.9m..but it was so cold after 1.5 hour in a pool....

I noticed the pool's floor tiles are uneven...I try to forget about work but there's no way being in the industry you could get away from observing your surrounding..


demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

No comments, just a gift for you to give to your loved ones.


Neither diamonds nor golden rings,
even crowns of a king,
or the breasts of queen,
shall mend this lonely sting,
if you whom my heart sing,
hid like the moon in morning,
and shy like the sun in the evening,
leaving me forever yearning,
for the kiss from the one I call darling.

sue said...

thank u..another lovely piece..

been trying to leave a comment on your blog..tapi ada problem..

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

What kind of problem? Maybe I could fix it fast.

simah said...

sue... wah.. main air pool yek?

eh cute suffiya sapa yg jaga? u ada live in babysitter ka?

the ool floor uneven... does that affect the safety of the pool?

enjoy splashing about! :0)

sue said...

maybe technical error..or maybe my own pc..will try again next time :)

ehh..tak mampu nak ambik maid husband yg jaga bila i pi pool...uneven floor tiles tu tak effect sgt cuma i kan tak pandai lg over concerned over small thing :-)