Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Black and white

Life is just like a wheel...it goes round and round..spinning... one day you asked other people and the next day you are the one who'll be facing the same question..in my previous entry I was touched by an oldman who travelled all the way from Kulim to help his son who suffers kidney problem...

And today my own cousin who is only 32 having the same problem, both of his kidney are not functioniong anymore...nobody expect it as he is very active..very atheletic..happily married with 2 children.

My mother noticed that his face look a bit different and chubby..but she didn't realised it until he was admitted at KMC...the same incident happened to our youngest auntie who were only in her early 20s..the same symptom, but by the time we knew it, it was too late...


He need a donor.... and what would I do...Maybe I should ask myself the same question...'how far would i go..?'....Simah if you read this...you know this guy

Semoga Allah memberi laluan yang mudah..Insyaallah...


simah said...

if u call him..please convey my deepest salam....mehveƟ the doctor always keep telling me that having ur kidney not working is worse than living with cancer... i hope he can be strong (though it is definitely hard)... n i pray that there will be a donor for him.. i cant .magine what is going thru his wife's mind right now... my prayers will always be with him... i am truly shocked with this news....i wish the news is different than the reality... :0(

simah said...

i have written an entry on ur cousin in geng mahsuri...

i hope it will help one way or another esp if it can contribute to finding a donor...

sue said...

thanx a lot..maybe that will help..

i did find some info on that, memang kalau both dah tak function tu kira dah end stage..tak sangka juga kami semua..i'll visit him maybe next week

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

I'm sorry to hear about what have befallen your cousin. I pray that God gave you, your cousin and his family a guided and easy path to overcome this.

A gift for you.

The Signs We Make

Stick up and split your index and middle finger,
and put them straight on their face,
don't you be amuse or wonder,
how it'll trigger a smile and even a pink lace,


put down either one of those finger,
and point it straight at their face,
and prepare to run faster than a swelled river,
to save your self from what would come after.


Stop running and try opening up your arms,
add a little bit smile as a charm,
you'll see that they'd become calm,
and even offer you some ale as alms,


Stop running and put up your fists,
add a little bit of hiss as a twist,
stand your ground like a dying priest,
and don't forget to be gratefull for all God's bliss.

Then after,

Remind me back which one you are,
the chaser or the one being chased so far,
for both makes no different seing from a moving car,
all the same in man's mad war.

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Forgive me in advance for flooding your comment section with my words. This poem I wrote, are the summary of a question that have lingered in my head for quit some time. I really need to find an answer, at least one that would satisfy me for a short while.

If you don't mind, do share with your insight. I ask of this as it is my believe that you and others that ask are among the best enlughtened minds that I have ever had the chance to encounter.

I understand if u don't and wish thus deleting it.

I thank you in advance.


Hey mister,
why so somber?
the world is full with colour,
live up enjoy the splendour.

It's because I'm dead.

No mister you can't be dead,
your face id still red,
look, even that wound still bled,
and you look like a man well fed.

Really, I died.

Mister, why do you lie,
I can tell from from eyes,
I know you have just cry,
how could you say you have died?

Boy here's why,

Could you feel that the air is so dry,
and the soil beneath your covered with sly,
and both fought seeking to be beautified,
by seeping the river's blood dry,
there's no more space for me forehead to shy.

Besides, I have nothing to sing.

no, not even one of 'em shining things,
and me belly is no larger than a string,
you know 'em bitches love those shiny shiny things,
on the head and the bellies of a dying king.

Yup, you're dead.
and I better fled,
being with you is most definately bad,.

Hey, I did told you am dead.

sue said...

those are lovely words..thank u..

i remember this lyric, (early 90's).."i''ll sleep when i die.."