Monday, June 18, 2007

Colours of life

The couple wore a white outfit for the first session and a maroon lenga suit for bride and kurta with shawl for the groom...except there was no dancing and fresh petals like in Bollywood movie.. the lenga suit was quite heavy and need to be wear properly, during my time, I had to asked hubby to hold the long heavy veil for me. Some lenga suit could easily weight almost more than 15kg inclusive of the cloth weight as well as the embroidery..that exclude all those bling bling that we need to wear or parade..three or four layer necklace, at least three bangles for each hand, few 916 ring and diamond head gear, earing..bla ..bla

The original lenga suit that Madhuri Dixit had to wear in Devdas is almost 30kg, but because she have to dance, twirling, spinning..they changed the outfit to something similar but lighter.

But no matter how heavy it is I like to wear it..on that day only :-)
In India, in Kolkata to be precised, they normally wear something brighter and loud especially red and green, lots of jewellery and flowers, jasmine and rose as head gear for the groom. Since it is a match make, the groom have the previliged to request a dowry be it in a form of money, motorbike,..or whatever the bride's family could afford. And the day the bride leaving her family's house she will be accompanied by her stuff that include her pots,pan,dinner set, mattress, mat..etc...

Back to Penang..they still follow the tradition of giving all those stuff but no longer practised by all family especially when they married someone outside their circle or community. Mamak's wedding in Penang normally held at any community centre, club or hall due to the increasing of their populations .. :-) when one family hold a wedding their guest list are long and that only their friends and neighbours. They will refer to a book which I call a family book which we could find names, address and which family they belong to..they are more than 50 family could be more than 100 or more suku sakat.. My MIL is Cheyen, but my FIL is from Benggali from Kolkata, so we are referred as Cheyen, there are some other names but I could not recall..

For this wedding we had a great time but only last for few hours since I had to register at a new place in KL the next day. So the last two weeks was spent attending introduction course on government policies and procedures as well as ice breaking session.

This is what we made during the ice breaking session, an alien made of sticks, masking tape and newspaper...ooh we also had a chance to perfromed, my group had this P.Ramlee song..Aci-aci buka pintu ..we sang and act..a sketch..I was the owl...but sorry no photo taken.

Good things comes in so many ways..the wedding, the baby, a new this time around I can look at my office 24/7 from my balcony, and be at home by 5.15pm..isn't life is beautiful...Alhamdulillah...


simah said...

thanks 4 answering the tag :0) her name is indeed beautiful masyaAllah..

ur life..masyaAllah.. they r happening at the way one cant ask for more...

and the wedding.. banyaknya adatttttttttttttttt!! mesti interesting kan tengok semua tu :0)

demonsinme said...

Melady Sue:

Congratulations and be gratfull for all the belssings.

Queen Of The House said...

Wah tempat kerja baru dekatnya dengan rumah! Many of us would love that (and envy you)!! I enjoyed your writing about the wedding - meriah and quite different from the usual Malay wedding, definitely!

sue said...

alhamdulillah...semua yg dimnta dikabulkanNya...

dah lega..selesai semuanya

syukur sangat..

sue said...

memang tak sangka nak dapat sini..dulu selalu wish nak office dekat rumah, penat driving..alhamdulillah..semua yang diaturNya sempurna.

Rasanya Malay wedding pun ada banyak ikut Indian wedding..