Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Small steps

' Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya.....'

Sufiya first exposure to the real world was something that we didn't really plan. She had her first local authority visit last month in Sepang and she behaved well..sitting on her abah's lap while I had a discussion with the officer.
And last two weeks we attend a Portfolio Exhibition for First and second year archi student at UTM Kl... I was excited to let her see the drawings, models and paintings even though she might not understand it now, but I believe it will be good for her visual and social development...but one thing for sure I wish that she'll choose other field than architecture as a carier, maybe something different from, magistrate..ahli muzik...oh tidaakk!! so no Akademi Fantasia for this lil girl.

I 'inherited' this Glenn Doman book from Sufiya's kala (my sister in law) on 'How to multiply your baby's intelligence'... it is good guide on enhancing their ability not only in reading but also maths and encylopedic knowledge.

Based on this book it is better to start as early as we can, better before the age of six but best before she's two and now is the perfect time to open the window of knowledge for her, but the first important things are material preparation. This is exciting process for me..these are the reading kit..starting with body part.
For general knowledge I've collected few images with bright colours and paste 'em on white 5" x 7" board. The first start is interesting but I don't know what to expect when we kick off the session as I'll no longer be a stay-home-mom... pity her...welcome to the real world, juggling both demanding task, I'll try my best .

-Sufiya with her surah yassin...she'll just say..'aahh..ahh..' as if she follow what I read-

On the other hand I need to make sure that it will be successful..maybe not perfect but at par with her cousins whom their mother used this same book and methods..and the results are straight A for UPSR, PMR and SPM....this is quite challenging..Now I know why all mother including my mom keep on pushing us to do well in school...its the perception, hope, pride and's not easy being a mother...

'Happy Mothers Day to all mommies..'


simah said...

sue..happy mother's day..wei budak kecik pandai baca buku yek? comelnya diaa... ni memang mak dia nak train anak dia jadi intelligent betul ni..masyaAllah...

mobbeire said...

sue ...

tahniah selamat hari ibu
tahun pertama , kali pertama terima ucapan sebagai ibu.
semoga ceria dan sihat selalu.


sue said...

thank u..same to u..baru nak ajar pegang buku..insyallah

this is the first exciting year, thank u and kirim salam kat didi

oldtown~Smell the Roses said...

Bestkan jd ibu!? Cannot describe the feelings! Happy Mother's Day...

sue said...

memang seronok...penat tapi berbaloi ..