Saturday, April 21, 2007

44 days story..

Life is great..blooming with love just like these colourful petals..

'Bercukur ceremony' was held in Penang and it was smoothly done by the lady..was quite worry looking at a sharp blade running on her soft head..but Alhamdulillah she have a great job.

Never thought that motherhood will be like is a mixed feeling..but a proud and happy feeling overcome all those pain.

The first few days was just a blank canvas..but with help from others I managed to sailed along. MIL prepared me a menu passed down from her mother for all new mom, it was a mix of garlic..we are talking about a cup of garlic, crushed and mix with ginger, brown sugar and looks like a porridge but imagine the smell of is good for the body due to the heat from garlic and ginger and also best for milk production...after each bowl I was treated with Hacks...

And haruan was the main menu for three weeks in a row..fried and soup..each day and no complaint...

As for the baby, she was such a good fuss during those 44 days..thank u girl..

And the father, a credit should be given as well...for taking good care , all the attention and understanding are much appreciated.

44 days of confinement wasn't that bad as I imagined..done all those regime..bertungku, berurut..except for berbengkung, I should be religously done it..and now after two months still having these extra chunk of extra meat...I've tried the cream and also homemade recipe, a mixture of lime juice and kapur sirih applied to that bulging area.

All those 'NO' to certain type of food and fruits were not really a big problem, ..but of coz there were certain confusion regarding which fish that is safe..and when is the time to start indulging on certain dessert...even a 'teh tarik' looked tempting during the confinement,

Some old folks said that they used to give pineapple to new mom during the first three days to cleanse the uterus..maybe to speed up the process..each culture have their own way of treatment..

Since I spent more than three weeks in Penang, my ears and eyes has been listening and watching Kasthuri at 7pm.. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa at nite..and sometimes Kalki at Vaanavil..and the radio at the kitchen, of coz to MIL selection- THR Raga...the DJ keep on playing the same Malaysian rap song..'all over the world i love my indian girl..'i only understand these line, the rest need a translation...and for my girl she's the lucky one, MIL speak Tamil with her while FIL sometimes speak and play with her in Benggali. It is better to start young..hmm ...can't wait to show her the world


Count Byron said...

Sue.. what beautiful girl! I had been away for a while.. and now that i'm back.. u had been blessed with this gem, a beautiful life enhancer. Take good care of your health Sue. May Allah be with you.

zeti said...

Kak Sue!!
I bumped upon ur blog nyambil blog-hopping!! What a find!!!
Miss ya!! Congratulations on ur lil' arrival!! Wah!! Mobb pon ade kat sini? hehe Meriah!!

Wish we can chat somewhere, kat Tanggam ke..if u cant ym in the office..
Kat Tanggam aku join borak kat Virtuoso sbb forum batch kite sepi..Pernah jenguk Vsixth dulu tapi community mcm tak cukup spicy, -rempah sejenis je..tak cukup asam/garam maybe? hehe

Kak Sue mesti dah mesra marinate dgn asam dan garam kehidupan...:)

would love to catch up wid ya, tp bile? 2008 insyallah baru aku grad, (maybe i'll be back for my sister's wedding...)doakan la ye?

till then, take care and salam to ur family!!


simah said...

sue..she is beautifullllll....hahahaha tamil n benggali all over eh?

tak per biar ur kids (notice i use the plural form) jadi multilingual.. memang berguna..jgn jadi mcm my kids... bahasa melayu pun tak tau...

tak ader ker gambar u n ur angel with ur hubby? email la kat i kalau u ada masa... she is indeed gorgeous masyaAllah..a dream came true eh? enjoy motherhood... :0)

demonsinme said...


Semthing that can be made as a lulaby for your lovely lovely child.

potong molek si baju melayu,
dipasang dengan sang songkok baldu,
sudah tiba permata ditunggu,
menghalau pergi hati yang rindu.

dilipat kemas kebaya biru,
nak dibuat hadiah kasih hatiku,
dikau anak diriku ibu,
racun penawar bernama kalbu.

baju melayu nampak indah,
pasang kurung bertambah gah,
biar parah membawa rebah,
dirimu ku tatang ke pintu kaabah.

sue said...

Dear Count
thank u..she's a precious, life is even beautiful now

what a surprise..welcome.

jrg masuk tanggam,vsixth dah boring sikit..

dah marinate bukan dgn asam garam je..massala n minyak sapi...:-)

sue said...

thanc for the compliment..amboi guna plural tu...insyaallah, kalau ada rezeki.
i memang nak sgt dia multilungual, kalau boleh mcm2 nsk ajar, tak sabar rasanye..

nanti i email ok..

sue said...


what a nice lullaby...really appreciate it..memang bagai menatang minyak yg penuh

simah said...

satu lagi..kenapa ikan haruan? apa kebaikan ikan tu sue?

sue said...

bagi luka cepat sembuh..especially kalau ceasarean..minum pati ikan haruan pun bagus..i wonder kat turkey mcmana pulak caranye..