Sunday, May 20, 2007

How far would you go...?

There was a knock on the door.. an old man standing holding a file, looking a little bit tired...thought that might be a typical 'kutip derma' for surau or orphan...

He introduced himself and explained that he need the money to help his son who is undergoing dialysis treatment in Kulim, Kedah..This old man is in his late 50's looks like other typical Kedahan who work hard in bendang with his small frame, dark skin...pale shirt. He showed me all those medical documents from the hospital..but I didn't really look at it coz deep inside I believed his purpose of traveling all the way from Kedah is to give his son a better life...his own way.... that is what a father and parents would do to gain back the smile, happiness and hope for their love one..

The sum of money that I gave him might be small...not suficient enough to cover all those medical expenses but I pray for him...Insyallah

If that happen to your own family would you do the same...? If you are have no worry but when you are poor you might cry like a heavy downpour.....

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