Saturday, May 26, 2007

..of Mehendi, wedding and idiapum

Everything has been prepared for the arrival of entire troupe from Penang for this last wedding of Mohossain's family..Bedsheets, pillows, blanket...including meal preparation for 30 people. The last time we had this big crowd was in 2005 with 45 people at one was chaotic at first but then I managed to sailed through..

All the hantaran are tonite we gonna paint the house red...wearing mehendi actually, specially blend in Penang by one of mami.

The bridegroom is cool, no worry...but his sister and SIL including me are so excited..same sari has been bought (thanx to the bridegroom who generously paid for the sari), but it has turn out into baju kurung. We the daughter and daughter in law will wear the same outfit, and the kids will be wearing white, Sufiya already have 2 white dress for her cacu wedding.

We will be leaving for Alor Gajah tomorrow, maybe around 8.45am and the akad nikah will be at 10am, breakfast will be provided by the ponu (bride) family..which is idiapum (putu mayam) and curry.


simah said...

ah... a happy occasion.. may the joyous event sail thru happily in blessing ...

Eh apasal tak pakai saree sue?
ni memang totally indian wedding ka ni?

sue said...

memang bertambah besar..

not totally indian wedding..dah byk mix with malay culture, siap ada tol, kompang...

sari panjang 5.5m, terlebih2 kalau lilit kat badan i..:-).. seksa nanti nampak perut