Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still around.....

9 Days to go and it feels like endless waiting..the chances is only 10% that this baby will arrived on the 1st of February..it's Hari Wilayah and Thaipusam.. for the last 3 weeks I've been wishing for certain date..maybe during Qurban, before 2007...no sign, no pain at all..

then I thought maybe on the 20th, during Awal Muharam..still the same, looks like the baby is enjoying every moment inside me.

Don't know what to expect but I just hope that everything gonna be fine, Insyaallah.

Thank you everybody for your concern and pray.... :-)


Jiwa Rasa said...

May everything goes well, God willing.

Nong said...

Don't worry too much. Belum tiba masa lagi tu... Take care

sue said...

insyaallah..semoga semuanya selamat

kak nong,
betul la bukan masanye lagi, dia seronok lagi kat dalam ni :-)

Count Byron said...

Sue.. you are doing just great. May you be rewarded for your patience. Not every woman begets and carry their baby to the full term, some never have one.
You are chosen for this motherhood.. May Allah give you the strength to endure and enjoy it. Amin.

demonsinme said...

Me lady sue:

Waiting for childbirth is truly a testing time. But trust me you, that the old and wise did say the longer they took to see the world, the wiser these baby are.


tell not.

tell not the bird,
that dark clouds are looming over,
it'll make they fear and cower,
that the demon is freed from form his silent cover.


simah said...

safe delivery insyaAllah sue..

nanti dah deliver u akan ada masa nak scan gambar baby tak??? pls pls?

sue said...

Le Count,
Thank you for your doa,this will be a great moment indeed

i'm glad and thankful that i was given this patience..

sue said...

insyallah..of coz i will let the world know..:-)

demonsinme said...

(a gift from the demon to be made as a gift to your loved ones)

In my lonely heart,
hate plays a great part,
it wills the my action from the start,
it herd me words with such grand art,
it is the very thing that bounds our two hearts.

I hate the moments when you are not in sight,
coz it is the time that I could not see your plight,
and I can't remedy the things that bring you fright,

I hate the days that my might seeps by,
and when I can't stop your sad cry,
making your smile dry,
making me feel worst than having to die.

I hate the months when draught come to visit,
coz it would hinder my rose seeds,
making me dread the times we meet,
as I have no flower to place on your lovely feet,
and be shied from your smile so sweet.

But, the greatest that I hate,
is the day that you saw me not even as a mate,
and my love has become your hate,
as it is the most dreadfull of my fate.

Queen Of The House said...

Sue .... sudah selamat ke??