Friday, September 12, 2008

A pair of heart

A friend asked about my new baby, when he knew that I have a pair now, he excitedly congratulate me coz he said it's not that easy to have a pair. He have four daughter and only one son, some people have too many boys and some too many girls like myself, I have another five sisters...and no boy in our family :-)

Every child is a precious gift from Him, whether a boy or a girl, how many, how beautiful or big and small are not important as long as they are healthy. And yess never ask about the colour / skin tone, we should accept what God have decided..and bare in mind that Adam's descendent comes in various colour, therefore no need to be surprised when you don't get what you wish for. And to you-know-who-you-are, life is like this my dear, full of colour. Every colour is a unique substance that create an ambience.

Don't you think that variation is unique and interesting ? just like Angelina Jolie and Pitt's Zahara...

Mohamed Hadif


simah said...

how true indeed...children r god's tak ada ka gambaq ur precious ones??

how r u? sori lama tak contact...busy with kidsz school... how r ur angels?

sue said...

ada..nanti i update ok

i'm fine, cuma kalut sikit this few days

both of them are doing fine, Sufiya makin aktif

Anonymous said...

before this i had the fear that i cant commit & not fit to be a mom. but after accidentally got pregnant, mmg anak tu a gift. my life changed & i could feel that by looking at her, i feel at ease.

now i'm excited to have more & also plan to adopt anak org susah. Since i've successfully breastfeed my 1st, born.i'm confident enough to feed others.

plan to have team bola sepak, kalau tak menjadi team futsal pun ok.

sue said...

thanx for dropping by..

to me, each child came at the right time..a gift to be treasured

wah.. u nak satu team, mesti boleh!! go for it