Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EBM Stock

This is nothing to do with stock market or shares, it is a stock for my Hadif. Some gave a big tumb up..and some will give a stare (male staff). They didn't know what is inside that red plastic bag that I carry everyday to our office pantry. Some thought that I go for 'makan-makan'...well I think there's no need to explain to everbody about my routine trip to that pantry.

I hope that this journey will be a smooth one until next 22 months, it's not easy as I thought before but as they said 'when there's a will, there's a way'

p/s : Sufiya loves to play BIG SISTER now..loves to hold and kiss his lil bro.


Queen Of The House said...

Keep on EBM'ing, Sue. It's the best for your child, and will certainly increase his 'health quotient'. It's the best food for baby, anyway!

p.s. I was at the PAM Annual Dinner at Mandarin Oriental on Aug 23. Were you there?

sue said...

hi Queen,
i notice the difference between breastfed baby dgn yg tak, bonding pun lebih..

i tak attend dinner tu, masa tu br je habis pantang, i missed too many event this year :-)