Friday, September 05, 2008

Adapting to new life

Today is my fourth day at the office and third day at nursery for the kids, Hadif kinda adaptable with his new environment, he don't mind being all by himself on a matress compared when he's at home. He drink well and sleep well..

Abah's little princess still can't accept the fact that she have to be separated from us every morning, the moment we drive thru Parcel E complex, she started crying..poor little girl...

My life change dramatically not right after Hadif came,but when we are finally came back to Putrajaya, just the four of us, living and struggling and adjusting to new life without any help. It was a headache for me (I have to admit this), the first few days were horrible, I can't think properly of what thing need to be done first.
I take it slowly, step by step until it come naturally...

I'm thankful becoz during Ramadhan we don't have to rush home like before from USJ to Putrajaya, everything are going smoothly as planned, send the kids to nursery, 3 times pumping session at the office, act like a kitchen Diva during lunch break, surfing the internet and blog hop, search info on breastfeeding, feed the baby, change diapers (many times), change their cloth (few times), back in the kitchen again at !!!!...I could only lie down after midnite..I'm not complaining here, just making a list of things to do..

I haven't started any reading and revision for my BIG exam next year..I need a wake up call..!! few months to go..


acai said...

slm kak,
jalan2 jumpa blog akk nih..seronok baca blog akk nih..:) lelagi blog yg rase suasana kampung tu,hihi..slm kenalan..

sue said...

salam acai..i ni org kampung, so whenever i go, the 'kampungness' is still with me :-)

i like those photo kat ur blog, well taken