Monday, September 15, 2008

Being a Mom

Its all baby stories this whole month... :-)

Being a mother is not just an easy task, it does not come naturally as some people thought, it need basic understanding of human being, behaviour, knowledge on handling small,cute but demanding little creature as well as technical aspect of breastfeeding.

Giving the best to our child does not only in the form of love, attention or money and stuff but also waking up at nite to feed them and numerous pumping session at home and office.

Usual accessories are not only handbag and handphone but cooler bag and pump.

Freezer now has became a milk storage compartment, all weekly stock like chicken, beef and others has been reduced to give space for these daily supply.

A-must-read website and daily supply

Mothers are superman..they are multi tasking, they hold many post, they are easily touch and fragile but don't mess with them..even a smooth jelly could be to tough to bite..


Anonymous said...

hi sue...bangga sungguh show off botol susu kat meja computer..

ur an architect? I'm a QS by qualification, but now a consultant for construction law..

so its a proven fact that ladies in the construction industry can also be a supermom.

sue said...



ingat nak show off stock kat dlm time je la..

yup, i am,..u kat cameron ke?

asyik2 superman je kan...nak jugak kita jadi supermom, insyallah we'll try our best kan..