Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kad Ucapan Hari Raya

I just received four Kad Ucapan Raya for this year, one from an old friend..thanx Syuhada for the thought and three from official client. I think as time passed by, the thrill of sending and receiving card raya is slowly slipping away from me..

When I was in secondary school, getting a kad raya (greeting crad) was a BIG thing, especially when you are in all girls school. We will always compared who got the most and who got the prettiest and fancy card. Back in late 80's raya card were our most reliable mode of communicating and expressing tools. We girls loves card with flowers and beautiful places or landmark.Some were from original photo and some copied from original watercolour painting...but I remember seeing a card with cute little kitten with glossy pink background.

Cards with raya theme like ketupat, mercun, mosque and even local flowers are the things to remember, the tone and hue are different from contemporary cards.

Hari raya card for teachers were a must-do at those time, and the best thing is when the teachers replied our card,..it was a time to show off to friends that we are ehmm..'not average'.

I remember back then when I sit on wooden staircase of my Mak's house waiting for the postman every Saturday morning....

Then came kad raya with funny characters and funny wishes with pantun. This kind of card are suitable to be delivered to friends ONLY...looking at those cards are just like reading kartun Ujang...The sentimental value of Hari Raya are less compared to traditional one.

Sometimes we made our one card using manila card, draw on it and paste with ribbon or anything fancy..

And now emails and MMS and also animated virtual greeting card are the easiest way of wishing Selamat Hari Raya but I still treasured the old school way..

Whatever the way is,..it should come from the heart...

p/s I open one card and the sender is YMM Tengku-something-...terkejut juga, bila masa ada peminat VVIP ni :-)..but then I noticed it is an official greeting card from a company..hehe....jangan marah aarr..

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