Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home sweet home

Somebody asked me just now about Interior Design of his new bungalow, about how much will it coast, about the concept, wether to have Zen and minimalist with sraight line and simple decoration or go for modern and contemporary..well it depends on many factors and of coz money is always the main concern. In designing a house and interior there is always no boundary or limit, we could come out with up to date design, sleek and smooth furnishing or opt for English style, or some prefer Eastern influence especially Balinese. A house or home is a habitable space, therefore there is a sentimental value about it. Sense of belonging are stronger therefore it is always hard for husband and wife in this case to come out with solution in decorating their house.

It is a contemporary house- boxy with no pitch roof, 3 storey bungalow. They both have different taste and background, one like asam pedas and the partner hate it so much as the other one love it...

I told him to choose one that will please everybody, that compromise everybody's taste and need or dream. His son who came back from US has clearly made a choice - minimalist, but the queen of the house have something else in their mind. The boss who s going to sign the cheque have different and too many ideas as well.

A house is a space for people to live in, therefore the design should suit the owner's lifestyle and background.

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