Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pulai Spring Resort

I've been waiting for this trip to Johore and stay at this place since I was in UTM. It is a nice resort with greenery, well designed landscape and comfortable facilities and intricate architectural detailing.

We left for Johore on Saturday morning and arrived at Pulai Spring Resort at 3pm and the car park were fully occupied by Singaporean who came for short holiday.

View from our balcony
We stayed at Cinta Ayu Suites-Studio Room which is suitable for young children who need extra space to run around.

Just after check in we prepared the kids and brought them to the place that we've promised them - the swimming pool, they have one near the hotel and the other one is next to the sports centre...but both are well designed..(I should have bring along my muslimah swimsuit too :-))

I really like this one, nice azure pool with coconut trees and boulders and from here you can see the golf course which is beautiful as well.

It was a long wait for their dinner to arrived and my little girl ended up eating two apples..poor child..
Kids with their sketch pad..while waiting for abah to buy them dinner

He looks so serious drawing all those small circles..and the sister busy drawing dinasour..all kind of dinasour, one with long neck, the other with more than twenty short legs..

Just after breakfast the three of us went to another pool and Hadif insisted on going to a bigger pool instead of the wading pool as if he can really swimThey had fun there until a one plus size family came and joined in the wading pool that was meant for kids..Sufiya as usual will look one kind at that guy and she decided that it was time's up :-))

He was relieved after the presentation and can now smile..and I'm relieved too coz we can plan more things with the kids during the weekend..instead just the three of us at home doing the same activities :-))

We strolled along the board walk and enjoyed the green..few golfers were there and we decided not to disturb them and headed back to the resort and enjoy the sunny day.

It was sunny and breezy and picture perfect for mother-daughter photoshoot..anyway she conquered everything..:-)

We left the hotel at 2.30pm with a wish that we gonna come back especially Sufiya , she really loves the room and the pool..I like everything about this resort but the most important thing was being together with no distraction except for one single call related to work on sunny Sunday!......how could they..:-P

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