Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frustation..and its not over yet..

I woke up this morning and saw the sun shinning thru the window curtain..but it was a strange feeling, a feeling of lost and frustration. I imagine that a day like today will be a happy sunny sunday.

I still could not accept the fact that I failed both paper!!!

From the moment I read the letter until now...

Of coz I can try again next year

For now I just want to be lazy and not doing anything productive..I spend my day with the kids at Alamanda and spoilt them with sweets and juice.

Only God knows whats in store for me..Insyaallah


Pearl said...

the time will come :)

just enjoy the day and be happy with the kids and baby too!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry...try again next year!!

sue said...

Hello Pearl,

thanx..maybe its the time for baby :-))

i'll never give up but next yr its gonna be extra burden :-)