Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to travel during monsoon season

Since I've been working at this office, airport and hotels have been my second home.Its a flexible schedule so I could manage on my own, last minute booking and last minute cancel are routine activities.

It all changed since early this month, we were supposed to go to Perlis on the 2nd Nov but when I heard about the news of major flood, we canceled the flight the night before departure. I already checked the weather forecast, but due to some info from some people, I proceed with the booking and what not..

And the night before departure, I received my sms regarding the flood, road closure, site naik air etc..

If I proceed with that trip..I think I will end up looking like this.. :-))

Since then, I no longer rely on verbal info but I had a list to check out before arranging any meeting or visit:

- check schedule
-visit Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia's website
-call and confirm with people from that area
-book the ticket
-watch tv for latest news..

Its easier nowadays coz all info are at our finger tips, I even check the water level and tides forecast if my trip involves ferry services

And for more convenient trip, I always have bring along big plastic bags and sandals and paracetamol PLUS minyak cap kapak..lepas kena hujan mesti selsema :-)

I remember many years ago during my hiking trip to Gunung Tahan, we had to sleep in a drenched tent, there was no way for us to avoid that situation even though we brought along extra plastic sheet and what not ..most of our cloths were soaked all night long :-P..and it was a long cold and uncomfortable sleep at foot of Gunung Tahan..

I also rely on Garmin and google map if we are not familiar with that destination but sometimes this GPS thingy will lead you to the right destination but through a not so well deserved route. I prefer using Garmin than google map but always make sure that the handphone or Iphone battery is full otherwise we will end up driving round and round especially if its midnight...

I'm looking forward to travel again..for business or leisure, but now I'll be more prepared..Ohh..I've checked meteorology's website..that means no traveling this week :-))


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, not sure you still remember me. The last time we crossed paths I was much younger, now with walking stick, ha ha.
Just joking.
How you doin'?

Don't forget bring your swimsuit this rainy season, ha ha...or lifebelt.
You keep well, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Hi U.Lee,
of coz I still remember you and your SYT..:-P..Just joking...

I'm doing fine..

Its the season for not only swimsuit, but life jacket ..

Have a great weekend to yoou and family