Friday, November 06, 2009

Waiting for birocracy to end..

Sometimes in life too much freedom is not what we need all the time, there should be certain boundary or line. Having total freedom for two months in a row and feeling no here nor there is even worst. You are stuck in the middle and sometimes feels like floating, you are not touching the white fluffy clouds and not even the ground.

Maybe this is what they call birocracy, they made decision but they haven't learn through experience, they submitted the bloody documentation but missed out certain important things, they made the mistake and made other people's life miserable.

Its been more than two months like this, just come and go without any purpose...not doing any job, not attending anything..but missing is not the option, that is against the law.

It feels like your right has been denied, you got no purpose going to that place at 8.30am and go back at 5.30pm..its better if I have other choice but that other choice is also depends on the other letter that we have been waiting for three months now...See, I got two letters that will change many things in life, two letters that will give me more option and choice...

The later is not much a problem in terms of waiting,..but the former made me miserable BIG TIME...this is one of the reason I hate joining the are depending on many level's decisions and many people's signature to send just one piece of paper.

They said be patient...but they don't know the feeling of not doing anything and not having things that you're supposed to have is like 'melukut di tepi gantang'. (sapa tak paham, pi cari buku peribahasa melayu)

Oh I just wish that all these sad episode will end soon with a happy ending..mcm Shah Rukh Khan kata dlm filem 'Om Shanti Om'..'if its not a happy ending, than its not the end..'

On a lighter note; Sufiya can now baca doa makan on her own..Syukur..thats the start of a happy episode I guess..

Have a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

i memang setuju sgt2, at least at your place x lah teruk kalau bandingkan dgn aishah kan? rasa mcm mmg x sanggup, even bila i x buat tp nampak mcm i yg buat sedangkan banyak lg org2 atas yg depa x nampak.......

lepas ni blh jd mcm 1 kes tu, sound and looks like me but its not me....nauzubillah.

sue said...

macam2 hal kan..kadang2 kita buat tapi nampak mcm tak buat apa2 pulak..haru biru

jom pi lepak2 jap..

Anonymous said...

where 2?

wish i can...

sue said...

virtual cafe boleh..order la dulu

eh..jom pi zefee nanti..order popia mahkamah