Saturday, November 14, 2009

PTK ,Part 3 Exam,Pisau Cukur and Preg Test..

I thought that I heard a postman came..but when I checked the postbox..its still the good or bad I'll just wait and wait

Need to put aside those thing and concentrate on this Monday exam..I never thought that this year will be this tight with all these things..lets see: These are the four major things..

  • May - Oral exam - passed

  • July - Written Exam -awaiting for Mr Postman
  • Aug-now -Perpindahan - awaiting JPA's approval - this one causes a lot of damages

  • Nov - preg test -weak positive followed by negative..lost it due to stress and whatever reason

  • Nov- PTK exam

Right after this and no matter what the result is, I'm going to have a much needed vacation..somewhere near like Malacca (again) ..enjoy ikan bakar at Anjung Batu, river cruise, eye on Malaysia..walk around Jonker Street..........and watch Pisau Cukur with my best friend, a girl's outing..watched the trailer and its Bernard Chauly from Gol and Gincu..its gedik-gedik kind of movie..but what the heck..just for the sake of going out and let it all out...

(photo: pisau

Okay got to flip that thick Perintah Am ..hubby is snoring..and the kids are sleeping and Beyonce (on Dream Girls) are watching them...


Naz said...

Good luck with the next paper, Sue! :)

sue said...

Thanx Kak Naz..baca malam bangun pagi lupa pulak..