Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Nothing interesting to share and last week was spent on bed with hair covered with air asam.Hopefully my little one inside is doing fine.Insyaallah. Cobbaaann...


maklang said...

Adek Sue:

JAga diri tu and the baby baik2. Tak elok kalau demam masa pregnant tau. Take good care of yourself dan relax2....Ok!

ufukhati said...


1.I have the answer to your question about the day/date/month/year in Hijriah. Please stop at my blog.

2.Certainly you have read A WALK TO REMEMBER by Nicholas Spark or you have seen the movie.(ref: the name of your blog ]

3. Yes, I have read both Merantau.. and Tenggelam... (by Hamka). I also keep his momoir KENANG-KENANGAN HIDUP; a very touching book.

demonsinme said...


Me first commenting here, so to hear bout your ailment, but rest assure, it is a sign that god love you.

simah said...

take care gila gila punya take care..but dont forget to post ur development to the worried us..ur blogger friends..*hugs* i will always pray for u..

sue said...

thank u , dah getting better, batuk and flu sikit2 je lagi.u take care too :-)

Pak Darma,
i've check out your blog, thank u for sharing
never seen the movie but heard about the novel, will try to find it..
a person like u i'm sure have read most of the book that i just started to get into.

i notice u from Le Count's blog and 've drop by ur place few times before this, but with no mark left..:-)
It is His love indeed

thank u and don't worry, the body temp goes up because of the weather..this is the worst fever,Alhamdulillah dah ok, tummy is getting noticeable, tapi taklah besar sgt.:-)