Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The other side of the world: Part 1...ctd

This is how it looks like before houses were built,there are parameter wall to demarcate each lot. the place that we stay used to be like this some 30 or 40 years ago. Next to it is a double storey house under construction, the steel bar will be left jutting out from the roof for future extension, i'm sure about the foundation of the building, whether they consider it or not.

Pukeri or pond with stagnant water and no overflow pipe or discharge, source of water, some who can't afford process water from authority will depends on this for washing, cleaning, bathing..there are even big fish in this pond, but you should know to really clean it otherwise the taste is unimaginable.

Notice how the women dress and how skinny the kids are, except for one family who are a bit wealthy. this is the entrance to Bhod Babu house, there is a gateway at the back leading to his house and other houses. The yellow house on the right side is the dhorji and Ghoro(Bhod Babu's son) house on upper floor. This is the only space which wider and the place where they greet us the first time and say goodbye. There is one water pump for the family here on the left side, imagine they carry the water up and down the house including one pregnant lady..pity

Women usually eat separately from men, where they need to serve their father, husband or uncle first. So here were women from two different world getting to know each other in Bhod Babu's room. We had a visitor that day so many food were served most of it were too sweet for my taste.

View from roof top towards the courtyard overlooking the pond.

Street vendor selling puchka serve with sour gravy that looks similar to budu, I don't dare to try coz he used his bare hand to insert the gravy inside the puchka. Puchka is a hollow fritters (?) made of flour and deep fried. If we think about hygeine and cleanliness then, India (not all) is not the place, people come here for the culture and history and the adventure and mystical as well as colourful landscape

Orange juice mixed with serbuk asam, so refreshing,they normally used 4 oranges to produce one glass of juice. This is in Calcutta town during our shopping spree.


simah said...

the last photo is not evident..i suppose lesap masa upload kot?

poor they may be but they all look sooo friendly n welcoming. How did it feel to be the center of attention from the community? besti best gila.. (tapi kalau i kat tempat u mesti i gabra gila hehehe)..

eh satu soalan lagi..masa u got separated from ur hubby masa makan la kan..u cakap bahasa apa ngan diaorang? ur hubby pandai cakap bahasa india tak?

again..sorry for asking too many questions heheheh

sue said...

lesap?tapi i tgk ada, takpe i'll check it out later.
they are friendly and try to make us feel welcome, mula2 best rasa mcm selebriti, pastu tak selesa juga, asyik ikut mana kita pi, sense of curiosity kot, lagipun they hardly go out, and see foreigners.

masa makan tu, i cakap sikit2, mixed dgn benggali and english, kdg2 terkeluar cakap melayu bila nak cepat n used sign language, tapi anak2 buah i cepat belajar sebab budak2 tak segan, main hentam je. my hubby pun tak fluent sgt, the last time he went there when he was 15/16yrs old. but i'm lucky my mother in law fluent jugak, so dia yg translate. both of my brother in law pun skrg ni i ada byk benda nak belajar..

simah said...

eh u pandai cakap benggali? belajar kat mana?

sue said...

oh tidak..mana pandai, i campur2 je, my hubby and his family ajar sikit, pastu kat sana i lukis mcm2 pastu suruh budak2 kat sana bagitau i dlm benggali.

Nong said...

Sounds so interesting. India is one country yang i belum pergi. Memang ada angan2 nak ke sana.

Take care... aalborg said...

could have sworn you were in Bangladesh, until you said you were in Kolkata. boleh jugak le tu....

thewailer said...

despite the lower quality of life evident as compared here in our country, at least their young children could still bask and swim in the untainted rivers! unlike here :)

sue said...

kak nong,
memang interesting meeting people, trying new things and experience the unexpected..

thanx for visiting,lebih kurang la tu..Kolkatta ni berjiran dgn Bangladesh.

ada sape berani try sungai kelang?

Count Byron said...

Hi Sue.. how's your pregnancy doing... Here's Count wishing you all the best.
Those pictures.. the men and women are wearing strange glasses.. are they for protection? against what?

Count Byron said...

Sue, I read some of the literature you protrayed here.

Where can I get a copy of Hamka's Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck ?

Thanks.. any lead ?

sue said...

Dear Count,
hey..glad to see u here,i'm doing fine.

about the special glasses, they are protection against technology of super-imposed..even though we are not celebrity..:-)

i think Hamka's book could be found at secondhand book store, MPH pun kdg2 ada, tapi tak semuanye

ufukhati said...

Lain padang, lain belalang.

R2K said...

: )

sue said...

Pak Darma,
that was my earlier post title. different people with different way of living

thanx for visiting :)