Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The other side of the world: Part 2

Lets take a walk trough Kolkata town:

Kolkata map
further info : link

Cable Bridge (Vidyasagar Setu)

Howrah Bridge
Another historical bridge in Kolkatta crossing the Hooghly River, we were not allowed to stop by and snap any photo,so go to this this site for interesting history of the bridge :Howrah

M.P Birla Planetarium at Jawaharlal Behru Road - one of the largest single storey planetarium in Asia with Indian Architecture and imitation of Buddhist stupa

Interior of lobby area

Old building under conservation works using wood scaffolding

one of colonial building

Typical houses in Kantal Baria Road, Calcutta where it houses 3 or 4 family with clay roof tiles and mud floor. Most of the houses were built with bamboo as rafter and low roof with no ceiling. One courtyard is shared by these family.

Clay brick


simah said...

thanks 4 the photos.. nice... did u buy a saree masa kat sana? i heard the sarees in india r sooo much better than the ones sold in malaysia designwise..material wise etc..

sue said...

i did but the price is not that cheap,kurta and pants (red with gold pattern - ala bollywood complete with dupata-shawl).
designwise are almost the same but of course there are much better choice. i like the colours in those shop..