Thursday, April 07, 2011

Turn old but feel young .. :-)

I turn 40 today with 4 layer cakes and 40 candles and celebrated with 4 other birthday girls and boy...wait wait....stop right here ..:-)

That magic number will be few years from now..not so fast okay..

I'm too old for any celebration, but my dear boss and friend bought us chocolate cake to celebrate the four of us who are Aries and Pisces, but we gave the honour to cu the cake to the only birthday boy..

Kids and their father sang me a birthday song this morning on the way to theri nursery...I did not expect any gift or flowers..
I just wish for a better health, better living condition, bright kids , happy family, peace of mind...

We went to Kenny Rogers for dinner upon request by Sufiya..

And I bought Paulo Coelho autobiography book today for some inspiration.

Its my birthday today, but there are too many headache to handle at workplace..sometimes I just wish that this baby will pop out early than my due date.. :-))


Naz said...

Happy Birthday, Sue. May all your dreams come true!
Take care, dear :)

sue said...

Thank u Kak Naz..Insyallah