Wednesday, April 27, 2011

39 Weeks

I'm already on leave and staying at home is not that bad,the only thing is I need to fully occuppied my time instead of just watching CSI, Diva or AFC..all important stuff are ready and packed, floor has been cleaned, minyak yu yee is already in a bag, luggage for the big sister and brother is ready..its all mental preparation now.

So far FMC is good with mild contraction or maybe just Braxton Hicks..I've cut down cabo intake since I gained so much and my body can't support the extra weight anymore.

I also finished four acrylic paintings and they are ready to placed at the right wall.

Even though many things are in place, I still feels like there are too many things to be done...especially mental preparation, its always a different situation, expectation and experience. Its only seven days from now...Insyaallah

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