Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Baking...who me...?

We went for breakfast last weekend and parked the car infront of a shop that supplies all materials and ingredients for baking. Hubby was actually heading to Al-Ikhsan Bangi but he came back to us and told me about the shop..(I was just smiling and saying..'as if i have the time to bake')..

Suddenly this little makcik said to me:

'Mama belajar la dengan Bhod Ma buat kek, haaa nanti balik Penang belajar..Bhod Ma pandai buat kek..'...oopppss

She loves cakes and cookies infact anything sweets.

But she don't know that I only bake a cake only twice in my entire life and both turn out to be inedible.

The first one was for raya many years ago, it was a fruit cake, I thought that I've followed the instruction well and proudly placed the tray inside the oven and enjoyed watching my fruit cake rised and rised..and after that came the moment of truth..opened the oven door and the mighty cake suddenly it sunk....:-)

And the second attempt was chocolate cake..and it turn out to be like arang..well almost..

And that was it..no more baking for me..

But now I need to start reading and buying the right tools for my dear little makcik..nanti komplen pulak...:-)

And when the day came..you'll be spotting me wearing this and baking that moist chocolate cake on Saturday morning, carrot cake for tea and Banana cake on sunny Sunday morning...Ohh pleaseeee..what a wishful thinking....


babYpose said...

I like to start baking but sometimes worry that the cake wont rise and a waste the money spent :)

sue said...

welcome to my blog

at least u've started..but me ..i'm still crawling..will try soon :-)