Monday, February 23, 2009

Mari memasak

For the most part this is a place to find down-to-earth advice on everyday cooking, eating, food shopping, cooking equipment, and nice things to put on your table.
Arthur Schwartz

I always hate when it comes to Domestic Science class, one of the reason is simple: I was afraid of the heat..!!..especially when frying fish and chicken..and I fried my fish like char koay teow until my teacher screamed at me..'jangan kacccauu ini bukan sayurrr...!! I thought that being in the kitchen was not the best moment, too many protocols to follow..White clean aprons, hair to tied up,clean shoes and different utensils are meant for different purposes etc...

I do help my mom in the kitchen but I was assigned to only cut the vege,clean the tomatoes and sliced some onions, we were never allowed to cook.

The passion of cooking and the enjoyment of being in the kitchen came naturally when I was no longer di bawah ketiak nak tak nak I have to cook...being a student means that we only cook on certain days so does the duty of cleaning the was a disaster..a plastic bag hang at window grill with ulat-lat berkeliaran...yuck.!!

As time passed by I started to appreciate the art of cooking and dining..and always wish that I have a nice, sleek, contemporary design kitchen that comes with kitchen helper who could wash all the dirty dish after I finished cooking..legaa.. are some photos for those who loves cooking, baking, dining..entertaining :-

Modern and posh kitchen with island decorated with pressure pot that cost RM1000 plus. I love Nigella Lawson's kitchen..maybe it is because of her presence..but I also like Jamie's which is smaller and cosy and the way he cook made my husband tried his skill in preparing nasi goreng and I end up cleaning his mess...the kitchen does not look like a cooking place anymore and the fridge door were painted with cili boh.

Orange was an 'in thing' few years back..especially for those who loves to create Balinese mood and ambience, the colour create an impact and force..The glass panel allow ample natural lighting but we need to consider about glare and privacy.

English kitchen...plain and soft and soothing

Talking about mechanism : specially design banging anymore

Sleek and curvy...

Lomg and square multipurpose kitchen sink

Push and was design with smooth motion, so we just have to push the cabinet door with one finger.

Stylish and uber-chic coffee an oscar

Chef at home....ewahhh...berangan berangan

Looking back..I don't regret being in that Domestic Sc class anymore.. :-)


Naz said...

Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines for me!

Nong said...

Wah... kalau kitchen cantik macam tu, tak masak lah nampak nye.

sue said...

Kak Naz,
i like clean lines too, not too crowded and heavy with unnessarry deco..but a kitchen might reflect certain some conutry heavy deco might do for them

sue said...

Kak Nong,

sayang la kalau tak masak...dah la mahal one set mcm tu dah rm40k..kena rajin masak tapi 'wajib' ada orang lain yg tolong kemas :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, I love the lights last two pics. Macham bees nest, ha ha. And that gorgeous lady matches the surroundings too, ha ha. Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi kak Sue,

Wish i could have the latest kitchen equipment for my new house, no more ikea :-)


Kitchen Guardian said...


kitchen is my arena, my territory..i have one dry kitchen at home yg i almost tak pakai langsung, and one wet kitchen, yang i bersilat tiap tiap quite happy with my dry kitchen, but nak tukarq the top to "corriane" top more hardy and durable, sebab teruk dikerjakan oleh moi!wish i can revamp my wet kitchen, have so many pots and pans and pinggan mangkuk, dah tak muat i letak bawah katil my maid! ha ha!

sue said...

Uncle Lee,
those two bees nest lampu leceh la..susah nak cuci..and that lady did not complete the kitchen at all :-)

sue said...

i think u should check ur house plan betul2 this time, takut jadi mcm dining table u..

pi Ikea for inspiration for the layout..and go to Signature Kitchen for the bukan promote tau

sue said...

i boleh imagine you being the most happiest person in the kitchen.

there are so many tops to choose...sediakan ongkosnya aje..